One of the key ingredients to our continued success is our ability to collaborate with our partners. In most cases, the family is in need of multiple services to provide for the overall wellbeing of their young child. The need for a more comprehensive approach can include meeting the health care needs of the child, helping parents develop the needed parental skills to help guide their child, family assistance with utility, shelter and food, as well as educational interventions to prepare the child for school. York County First Steps does not provide all these services, but we can help connect the at risk child’s family to the right service provider to address their needs.

Here is a listing of our key partners and links to their websites. It is through their support in partnership with York County First Steps that we can help as many children as we can through our services and interventions. Please use the menu to the left of this page, and feel free to contact these organizations directly. You can also contact us with any questions.


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