The First Steps Voucher helped me because I didn’t have money for child care although I work part-time. I don’t have to worry about how is going to keep my baby. Being a senior in high school, having child care has allowed me to be able to graduate in June. I was going to a have to drop out of school because from day to day, I didn’t know who would keep my child.
I am a junior in high school. The First Steps Voucher has helped me not to worry about who is going to keep my child. It helps me focus on my studies knowing he is in a safe environment and that his well-being in not compromised. I don’t have to pay as much for child care with our finances being slim. Being around other children can help my child develop better than being in front of the TV all day.
I am a junior in high school. The First Steps Voucher make me feel more independent because I’m not dependent on my mom or grandparent to keep my child. You can pick your own day care. When out of school, it gives me time to refresh as a student/parent and time to think.
The voucher allows me to get my education without worrying about the care of my child. Also, I’m in the National Guard and on duty once a month. This summer, I will be in Basic Training in Oklahoma. The First Steps Voucher will give my mom a break and allow my child to have something to do as well.
A young mother